Sample Essay on Volunteering

Volunteering is an act or service that is undertaken willingly without expecting any payment. In the absence of financial gain, one would wonder on the logic of volunteering. But its benefits are surprisingly immense, and that would explain why volunteering is such a rage with societies all around the world, particularly in developed countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and many western nations. Volunteering can be undertaken as part of government agencies, non-governmental organizations, community groups or at an individual level.

It is a widely believed claim that when you volunteer you not only help others but also help yourself in a big way. No matter how busy our lives may seem, we can always make some time to volunteer. The benefits are huge and help the volunteers and the community to reach newer heights.

It may be all about giving, but it is also a great way to develop skills, meet new people in new situations while promoting fun and general goodness. It is also possible to develop contacts that may lead to employment opportunities. While certain professions have trained volunteers, one can volunteer at any level starting from your school, neighbourhood and community to situations such as wars and natural calamities.

Tips to get started

Since volunteering opportunities are many, it helps to know where your interests lie. If you have some interesting hobbies, it could be an interesting starting point. Your concern may be to make constructive use of your spare time or try something different. Yet another reason could be to do something that you are skilled at and want to make a difference to your surroundings. Whatever be the reason, it would be good to volunteer in a field that interests you. The other things to consider while finding a suitable volunteering opportunity are issues such as number of hours you can work, whether you’d be comfortable working alone or as a team, the degree of responsibility you are ready to shoulder and the skills that you can offer.

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering is not limited to any specific job or organization and you could explore several possibilities that include youth organizations, service organizations such as Red Cross or Rotary clubs, museums, national parks, places of worship, libraries, old age homes and other similar organizations. Volunteering is largely helpful in the wake of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and droughts. Many schools depend on volunteers and resources to function smoothly. College students and graduates who volunteer in schools can reap intangible benefits apart from gaining valuable experience. Other popular volunteering opportunities include helping the community with its efforts to improve the neighbourhood, helping disadvantaged children, animals and assisting various community organizations.

Some of the popular volunteering organizations offer help in places such as Cambodia, Nepal, Belize, Ghana, Vietnam, Thailand and South Africa. For instance, orphanage support is provided in Vietnam, while in Ghana volunteering work consists of assisting community projects such as building schools, toilets and wells.

Volunteering makes you more social and enhances your physical health and well-being apart from teaching you valuable skills that you can develop into a career. Volunteering is the backbone of any community and makes it stronger as people get together for the common good of mankind. You’ve taken up volunteering as you believe in your cause and want to make a difference to the place you live in. So it’s essential that you enjoy and make the most of your volunteering experience.